When Is The Best Time To Buy an RV?

June 1,2023

The best time to buy a camper is during the off-season. RV dealerships and private sellers will often offer the best deals during the off-season so they can get older inventory off their hands. Keep reading to learn more about buying an RV at the best time of the year to save money.

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What Is The Best Season To Buy an RV?

Winter is the best season to buy a camper, with fall following closely behind. Whether you buy from a private seller or a dealership, you’ll often score the best deals in winter.

Private sellers are motivated to sell at the start of winter for a few reasons. First, this may be their first year owning an RV and they realized they weren’t able to use it enough to justify the cost. They’ll be looking to get rid of it as soon as possible. Second, they may be wanting to upgrade when the new models come out. They’ll want to clear away the space in their garage or shed for their new purchase as well as get money from selling their current travel trailer to put towards their next purchase.

RV dealerships see a dip in sales during fall and winter, which means they have motivation to provide you with great deals to get you in the door. They don’t have to work hard to get customers during the warm summer months, but declining winter sales often push dealers to offer great off-season discounts.

If you visit a camper dealership in winter, you can get more than a better deal. You can also get much more time with the staff, who aren’t having to juggle multiple customers in a packed RV dealership. This means less time waiting for a staff member and more time getting the answers to all your questions.

Should I Buy A Camper At An RV Show?

We recommend using an RV show to gather information about the various models, but make your purchase elsewhere. There are a few drawbacks to buying at an RV show.

It can be difficult getting the timing of the show to line up with the timing that you want to make your purchase. Plus, you often won’t get to take advantage of off-season deals. You can still get value out of an RV show, though. Use them to scope out a wide range of models at the beginning of your travel trailer search. It’ll help you see what features are available and which ones you might want, familiarize yourself with the various brands, and so on.

Is It Worth Waiting Until A New Model Is Released?

There are perks to waiting to buy until right before a new model is released. Whether you go with an RV dealership or a private seller, you can end up scoring a great deal if you wait until a new model is released.

Private sellers may be waiting for the latest and greatest model and hoping to sell their current one right before it comes out. That way, they can use the money from their sale to fund their next purchase. Waiting until this time can give you more options for used travel trailers from private sellers.

RV dealerships will often have good sales on older models right before they get the new model. They need to clear out their inventory to make room for the new model and they often provide good deals to incentivize buyer’s to get the older models. They get to clear out their inventory while you get to save money—it’s a win-win!

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