Unique Ways to Use a Toy Hauler

September 21,2023

Toy haulers differ from other types of RV in that they have an enclosed cargo bay towards the rear of the vehicle. Their name comes from the fact that this cargo bay is often used as a garage for powersports vehicles, or “toys.” However, that’s far from the only way to use this extra space. If you are interested in learning about some creative ways to use a toy hauler’s cargo bay, check out this guide from the experts at Vision RV. 

Make Traveling for Work Easier

If you do a lot of traveling for business, a toy hauler might be the perfect RV for you! You can avoid hotel fees by sleeping in the RV’s residential section and converting the cargo bay into a mobile office. Toy haulers are also frequently used by landscapers and construction companies to provide secure storage for tools and materials. Many artisans use toy haulers to transport their wares between fairs and trade shows. No matter your line of work, the cargo bay provides a secure, protected space. 

Sleeping Room

If you find yourself in need of extra sleeping space, simply throw down some air mattresses, blankets, and pillows in the cargo bay. Just like that, you have a dormitory!

Host Social Events

The rear ramp on many toy hauler models converts into a patio space for hosting parties and other social events. This allows you to take advantage of your toy hauler facilities (such as the kitchen and bathroom) and move the party inside if the weather takes a turn. 

Enjoy a Hunting Trip

Toy haulers are perfect for hunters. Not only do they provide a place to sleep, but the cargo bay provides a sheltered, easy-to-clean environment in which to process a kill. 

Create a Workshop

As mentioned before, the inside of a toy hauler’s cargo bay is designed to be easy to clean. That’s why many woodworkers, painters, and other artists use that cargo bay as a mobile studio. It provides a comfortable, quiet place to work without distractions. 

Build Kids a Playroom

Another fun way to use your toy hauler’s cargo bay is to convert it into a playroom. This gives kids a space all their own while still keeping them close enough to supervise. It’s also a great backup if bad weather forces you inside. 

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