The First Time: Driving a Motorhome

June 13,2024

Your RV is probably one of the largest cars you’ve ever driven, so it’s understandable if you’re anxious. Make safety a top priority, and keep reading to learn about important things to remember when driving a motorhome for the first time.

Recognize The Size

Misjudging the dimensions of your motorhome is one of the most likely reasons for motorhome accidents. It’s critical to be conscious of your size at all times. Know the dimensions so you can skip routes with low-hanging structures and calculate turns precisely to avoid colliding with other vehicles. These measurements can be found in your owner’s manual, on the relevant page, or by measuring the RV yourself.

Make Yourself At Home

Before you drive your motorhome, among the first things you’ll want to do is become used to the driver’s seat and controls. Adjust your seat so you can reach the pedals comfortably, become comfortable with the location of all the buttons, and adjust the side mirrors so you can see properly, just as you would with a new car.

Your Weight Should Be Distributed

The mass of your RV and its cargo is another significant safety factor. Overloading your RV is not only risky, but it can also result in expensive fines if you’re stopped at a highway weigh station. Heavy RVs are harder to manoeuvre, slow down, and stop, and in rare cases, can result in a blown tyre. Balance your weight evenly when driving your RV to maximise safety and avoid putting strain on your tyres!

Perfection Comes with Practice

Before you go on your first adventure, practise manoeuvring your motorhome in a secure place. Select an empty parking space or a calm city street to practise on, and repeat as needed until you feel confident and in command!

Take a Look Around

If you want to back up in a motorhome, you usually only have your side mirrors to guide you, which can be difficult even for experienced drivers. Remember to step out and look if you are unsure. Even if your RV has a backup camera, it’s still a good idea to follow this rule to make sure you know what you’re backing into.

Take Things Slowly

Finally, go easy on yourself! Slowing down can not only make your ride more enjoyable but will also make it safer. When turning turns or travelling through steep regions, drive more slowly than usual.

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