The Best Time To Go RVing Is In The Fall. Why? Find Out!

June 13,2024

Travelling in an RV is an experience. There is seldom a terrible moment to travel. Fall, on the other hand, is regarded as the ideal season for RVing by many RVers. During this popular season, the leaves change colours and fall to the ground, and the air gets crisper, with lower temperatures ideal for RV travel. It’s also less crowded than the summer travel season, allowing many people to escape crowds (think: Covid-19) and long waits. If you’re searching for a perfect time to take your family on vacation, fall is unquestionably the best season!

1) Temperature

As the weather cools, so does the need for air conditioning. As a result, dry camping is easier and more feasible in the fall. Even without solar, many RVers can dry camp for a few days without using electricity. Practically, all RV stoves and refrigerators run on propane. On warmer days, RVers can open their windows and use vent fans to make themselves more comfortable. Fall is an excellent season to go because it is not too hot yet. RVers do not have to worry about their pipes freezing or being unable to find a water hookup to fill their tanks. This makes it a great time of year to hit the road and explore everything there is to see.

2) Scenic Beauty

It’s tough to argue with the splendour of autumn countryside. One significant advantage of travelling in an RV is the freedom to select your location. The choice is yours, whether it’s a nearby park or staying at a farm to enjoy some fall activities. In any case, you’re likely to have some terrific memories and take some fantastic images.

3) Peaceful

While some families and RVers love to travel during peak seasons, many others do not. Visiting destinations in the fall might be the ideal time to visit because it is not too crowded. This can lead to lower admission prices, more camping availability, and shorter wait periods or lineups.

4) Off-Season

Theme parks, national and state parks, and other popular sites are most often closed in the fall. Children have returned to school, and families seldom take vacations in the fall months preceding Thanksgiving. This might be an excellent time to purchase off-season reduced tickets or to visit a popular park to take advantage of the slower season. 

5) Making the Best Use of the Weather Before Winter

Many RVers only travel seasonally and avoid travelling in the winter owing to the challenges. When temps drop below freezing, pipes can freeze, and many RVers may struggle to get water to fill their tanks. If that’s the case, fall might be an ideal time to fit in one last excursion before winterizing your RV for the season. We believe that fitting in one more vacation is a terrific reason to travel in the fall, especially when combined with all the other great reasons stated above.

6) Fun Activities

Many companies around the country provide enjoyable seasonal activities. Farms, vineyards, and breweries are just a few of the venues that frequently organize fall events, which can only add to the excitement of your RV vacation. Look through websites and social media to discover what exciting things the hosts have planned. Many farms provide pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and apple picking every year. Consider gathering pumpkins and apples just outside your RV and returning to it to carve them and prepare apple pie. What better way to enjoy Fall?

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