RVing with Pets: Dos and Don’ts

June 13,2024

Camping is an excellent opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend quality time with family and loved ones. This includes their pets for many individuals!

One of the many advantages of having an RV is the opportunity to take your pet on vacation with you. However, this is not always the case. When it comes to travelling with pets, there is preparation required, as well as considerations to keep in mind on the road and at the campground to keep your pet safe and your campground neighbours pleased.

No Pets If…

1) If you have a scared or nervous dog, it may be preferable to leave them at home. Taking children to a strange location may frighten them, causing them to feel uncomfortable and unhappy.

2) Female dogs in heat should be left at home since they may lead male dogs in the neighbourhood to become overly excited by her smell, causing problems for other dog owners.

3) Puppies should be kept at home. A campsite may have many dogs that may easily injure a little, helpless puppy. In addition to other dogs, animals might easily consume or harm a puppy.

4) Dogs who are aggressive or territorial should never be brought camping. They might assault campers or campers’ dogs, who are simply there to have a good time. A campsite may be quite crowded, and people frequently reach out to pet a dog before asking or thinking that it may be hostile. Bringing an aggressive dog jeopardizes the safety of other campers and their pets.

5) Obviously, sick pets should be kept at home. They will not be able to enjoy their camping trip because they will be too tired. They will need rest and relaxation that they can only obtain at home. Furthermore, they may also make other dogs on the campground ill.

While on the Move

It is not a good idea to travel with your dogs unsupervised in the rear of a towable trailer or fifth wheel; instead, have them ride in the car with you.

If you are travelling in a motor home, you should not let your pet roam freely around the RV while you are on the road. To keep you and your pet safe, invest in a pet restraint device or confine them in a kennel or carrier.

Manage the Heat

1) If you can park your trailer in the shade, it will help keep the interior cool. 

2) You may keep your pet cool by using a cooling pad or a fan, wiping them off with cold damp cloths, and rubbing ice over them on very hot days.

3) Feeding your pet high-water-content snacks can help keep them hydrated.

Supervise the Pets

* You should never leave your dogs unsupervised in an RV, especially for extended periods of time. They may quickly overheat or panic, destroying the interior of your RV. If you need to leave your pets for the day, it is generally preferable to choose a nearby doggie daycare.

If you must leave your pet alone in the RV, make sure the AC is turned on to save them from overheating. You should also leave a fan or radio on to block out outside noises and keep dogs from barking.

It is also a good idea to put a message on the RV door stating how many animals are inside, that they are fine, and when you expect to return.

Get you RV Pet Ready

Cats may spend more time inside your RV than a dog, so ensuring sure they have a secure and pleasant place to rest is critical.

Cats enjoy having a place to hide, so make hide holes within your RV for your cat to use as a safe haven. Put their bed or blanket inside an open cabinet to provide them with a dark area to hide.

Scratch pads should be placed about your RV to keep your cat from clawing your furnishings. You may also buy two-sided adhesive strips to prevent your cat from clawing your furnishings.

RVing with your pet may appear to be a bother, but most pet owners will agree that bringing your dog on vacation is more enjoyable than leaving them at home. Most pets are fairly adventurous and like trying new things with their owners. You can definitely arrange a trip that both you and your pet will enjoy together with some previous study and deliberate thinking.

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