Key Questions to Ask an RV Dealer

May 1,2023

An RV dealer can be a helpful resource in your buying process. After all, they have lots of industry insight and can share that knowledge with you! We recommend asking the following questions to get the most from your chat and to make finding your perfect camper a quick process.

What Type of RV Should I Pick?

RV dealerships carry a wide range of models and brands, which lets customers have a variety of choices. But all of these options can be a bit overwhelming!

Talk to the dealer about what you are looking for, then see if they can help you select the right type of RV for your lifestyle. This will narrow down the search to a more manageable number of choices to consider.

What RV Features Should I Prioritize?

Once you have narrowed down the type of RV, ask what features are available that would be beneficial to you. Instead of spending time reading through various RV manufacturer websites and compiling a list of possible features, let the RV dealer do that for you! They can help you build your list of must-have amenities, then show you their in-stock models that offer those perks.

What are Your Financing Options?

Many RV dealerships are willing to work with buyers who need assistance getting financing for their camper. Inquire about what kinds of loan structures and rates they offer. This will allow you to start enjoying the RV without needing to pay for it in full.

Do You Have Certified Technicians On Staff?

Having a certified technician means they are knowledgeable about how to properly care for your RV after you start traveling with it. You can utilize their professional experience for both preventative camper maintenance as well as any repairs or parts replacement needs down the road.

By asking these questions, you can make finding an RV much easier. When you are ready to start exploring models, visit the friendly staff at Vision RV. Our dealership is based in Acheson, Alberta, and we also serve those in Edmonton and St. Albert.