Ideas For Your Next Camping Trip: What’s For Breakfast?

March 16,2022

Breakfast should assist you to get through your morning activities at camp. A light meal that doesn’t bog you down is a wonderful option if you’re beginning the day slightly earlier with regular exercise like hiking or bicycling. Think yogourt, fruit, and granola. A breakfast of crepes, eggs, and coffee, on the other hand, might be the appropriate kind of meal if you’re waking up slowly with a family who wants to spend time around the campfire. The breakfast ideas below will assist you in planning for both a speedy and relaxing start to the day.


You’ll like to eat something quickly if your tummy is grumbling on an empty stomach when you get up in the morning. Just add hot water to instant porridge sachets and some of your favourite toppings for a hearty breakfast.

Or start the day with Granola, the easiest way to begin. Prepare your own granola or bring your favourite brand with you on your camping vacation. Dry granola can be eaten with yogourt and fruit, or it can be eaten as a cereal with milk.


Fishing and camping are two activities that some people like doing together. Why delay the activity if you can get up at dawn to catch a few fish from a nearby lake, river and cook them right away?  How about serving the cooked fish with hash browns on the side?


Finding ways to reduce and reuse cooking equipment will help maintain your campground’s kitchen as efficient as possible. To make a sandwich with bacon, cook the bacon first so that the bacon fat can be used to cook the French toast. The final product is both tasty and easy on the pocket. Just make sure to sweat off the calories you’ve gained over the day.

Camp Special

Whenever you think of morning food at the campsite, do you visualize a heap of syrup-filled pancakes? This no-fuss pancake recipe produces gorgeous fluffy golden-brown pancakes without the use of a mixing bowl. Or go with the classic, fry up some sausage, eggs, and bacon. Opening a can of mashed potatoes is another popular camping breakfast choice, so is corned beef.

Coffee Shots

Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean you can’t get your coffee dose. On a chilly morning, coffee will help you wake up and warm up. You may travel with sachets of your morning coffee at your campsite if you follow these coffee making guidelines. Furthermore, you can keep the kids warm with instant hot chocolate packets–that they can have along with their breakfast. Prepare homemade hot cocoa mixtures ahead of time and enjoy them in nature. Looking for holiday trailers in Edmonton? Connect with us!