How To Disinfect Your RV? Read To Know More..

June 13,2024

Whether you are happily taking road trips to places, or your RV is parked in front of your house – there is no better time to focus on your normal cleaning routine than now. We’ve put up some helpful methods to keep your rig clean and disinfected while limiting the spread of COVID-19 using standards from the Public Health Agency Of Canada.

Wear Your Gloves and Start Cleaning

While you may not wear gloves in your cleanings on a daily basis, now is not the time to omit this basic step. When cleaning and sanitising the items in your RV, use gloves and carefully wash your hands afterward. Instead of your usual mop and sponge, we recommend utilising disposable cleaning materials like paper towels. Existing objects in your RV may have harmful bacteria that you’re seeking to avoid.

Being Clean

There’s a distinction to be made between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning is the process of utilising water and detergent to remove dirt, bacteria, and contaminants from a surface. This process does not kill germs; rather, it just eliminates them, reducing their numbers and, as a result, the risk of disease. On a daily basis, clean objects with soap and water.

High-touch surfaces, such as tables, door handles, light fittings, worktops, handles, faucets, and sinks, should be given special attention.


After cleaning with soap and water, it’s time to use a sanitizer to destroy any remaining bacteria. Don’t go right to your favourite multi-purpose cleaner after this step because it won’t necessarily clean your counters or cupboards.

Once everything appears to be clean, disinfect the area with a prescribed surface disinfectant, such as an alcohol solution containing at least 70% alcohol. 

While disinfecting, take note of the following:

– In most situations, you’ll need time for the the disinfecting solution to work on surfaces – check the labels carefully, since cleaning and disinfection instructions might vary.

Don’t forget your carpets, they accumulate the maximum dust/virus

You’ll want to clean as many of your soft surfaces as possible in combination to cleaning and disinfecting the hard surfaces of your RV. Consider the upholstery, draperies, and carpeting. While this may appear to be a hassle, there are a number of excellent items available specifically for this purpose. Wash your clothes in warm water, whenever you find it.  We’ll advise you to wash all of your RV linens as well. This phase is mostly routine, but remember to ensure you’re limiting spread, such as wearing gloves and being careful not to shake filthy items.You may wash someone’s possessions if they are sick in your rig; just make sure to use the hottest water available.

Important to Disinfect Digital Tools

When we think of cleaning we don’t consider our phones, GPS units, or tablets, yet these high-touch products can be particularly full of germs.  Cleaning procedures provided by electronics manufacturers are frequently documented in manuals or on the internet. If these aren’t accessible, alcohol-based wipes or sprays, which contain 70% alcohol and are effective disinfectants, can be used instead.

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