Benefits of Truck Campers

April 3,2023

Truck campers are towable RVs that offer an unparalleled amount of portability. They get attached to a pickup truck bed for the vacation, then get removed and put into storage upon return home. This compact design leads to many perks, which we discuss below.

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1. Truck Campers are Budget-Friendly RVs

Thanks to their small size, truck campers require fewer materials to be built. They cost less for the manufacturer to build, which allows the manufacturer to sell the RV at a much lower price point than other towable RVs.

But the savings don’t stop there.

Truck campers also have lower ownership costs compared to other RVs. They don’t have complex braking systems or engines, for example, which drastically reduces their parts replacement costs. Their lightweight nature also means the tow vehicle won’t have to work as hard to haul them, which also leads to spending less money on gas.

These are just a few of the many ways that truck campers are a great option for those on a tighter budget.

2. The Driving Experience is Easier

A truck camper gets installed into the pickup truck bed, rather than gets attached to the tow vehicle using a hitch.

It’s much easier to drive a truck with the minor addition of a truck camper compared to hauling a much heavier towable RV. Your tow vehicle’s stopping distance and turning radius, for example, won’t be affected as much.

It’s also much easier to park a truck with an attached truck camper. With other towable RVs, the RV will extend several feet past the tow vehicle and require a much larger camping space. With a truck camper, you just need a parking spot big enough for your truck.

3. It’s Easier to Access Outdoor Adventures

A standard towable RV may not be able to cruise over rocky terrain without getting dinged up or pass over sandy terrain without sinking down into the sand.

With a truck camper, you won’t need to worry about that! As long as your truck can handle the terrain, you will be able to pass over it with ease.

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