8 Fun Camp Activities For Families And Kids That You Must Try

June 13,2024

With these easy yet enjoyable activities, you can keep the entire family engaged while camping!

1) Frisbee Golf

You can create your Frisbee golf course for your family to enjoy with only a few Frisbees and some laundry baskets. The aim is to toss your Frisbee as few times as possible and have it land within the basket. Keep score and compete, or simply run through the course for pleasure and enjoyment!

2) Air Pong

Competitors are pitted against one other across the length of a picnic table. Beginning with a ping pong ball in the centre of the table, contestants blast the ball away from themselves and across the table towards their opponent. The first player to successfully bring the ball to the edge of their opponent’s side wins!

3) Pool Noodles

These foam noodles may be twisted and pushed into whatever shape you like! Pool noodles can be held up using dollar store wooden dowels, and then you can use tape and a noodle bent into a “O” shape to make rings that you can toss balls through. Pool noodle hockey may be played with laundry bins and a beach ball, with the noodles serving as hockey sticks, the beach ball serving as a puck, and the laundry baskets serving as goals. You may play Chopsticks with the same setup by transferring as many beach balls to your laundry basket as you can use two pool noodles.

4) Water Balloons

Water balloons are a terrific way to keep cool on a hot day while also having a lot of fun! Water balloons may be used to play Capture the Flag, laundry baskets can be used to play Laundry Basket Catch, or you can simply have a good old-fashioned throw-down brawl.

5) Outdoor  Twister

Try a unique twist on twister by taking it outside and spray-painting it! Make it bigger if you have a large group of people for more fun!

6) Squirt Gun Races

You may use a squirt gun to push the cup down the line by tying a thread between two locations and stringing up a plastic cup. Set up two equal lines and let your kids race each other!

7) Glow in the Dark Bowling

You can occupy the family for the entire night with a short trip to the dollar shop! Fill each water bottle halfway with water, then fracture the glowsticks and place them inside the bottles. Arrange the bottles in any configuration and bowl.

8) Glow in the Dark Ringtoss

Crack and connect glow sticks to wooden dowels with rubber bands, then press them into the ground in a row. Play by making rings out of the remaining glowsticks. Give the dowels different coloured light sticks and try to couple matching rings to dowels for an increased challenge.

All of these games need few materials and effort, yet they provide enjoyable competition for a whole evening.  We hope you can try some of these while you are out with your RV for a fun time. For more details on RV, contact Vision R.V. Corporation.