11 Must-Try RV Upgrades & Modifications

June 13,2024

So, you’ve acquired your RV and want to customize it with all the great tweaks and hacks? We’ve compiled a list of 11 great ideas for customizing and upgrading the inside and outside your RV for storage, entertainment, aesthetics, and more.

1) Purchase a New RV Mattress

If you’ve ever been in an RV, you’ll know that the beds that come with them are awful. Fortunately, personalized RV mattress providers exist! They can custom-make a mattress to fit your RV, camper, or travel trailer.

2) Digital Thermostat

A digital thermostat can provide you with more control (and greater precision) over the temperature in your RV. Unless you buy a new RV with an updated thermostat, you’ll most likely have a rickety one that isn’t always precise on temperature.

3) Get Rid Of The Carpet

Whether you buy a new or old RV, the first thing we’d recommend is getting rid of the carpet. Laminate flooring are less difficult to clean and look nicer. Consider where you’ll be travelling. What about the mountains? What about the beach? Wherever you go, there’s a good possibility you’ll carry dirt (or sand) inside your RV. These particles can become trapped beneath your carpet and be extremely difficult to remove.

4) Solar Power

If you enjoy boondocking (or want to try it), I recommend investing in a few solar panels for your RV’s roof. Not only will these solar panels power your RV batteries while boondocking, but they will also generate clean energy from the sun, lessening our reliance on fossil fuels.

5) Wireless RV Backup Camera

Backing onto a campsite is a pain. Backing up anyplace in an RV is a chore! While a rearview camera isn’t cheap, it’s a must-have RV accessory for individuals who are nervous about backing into tight corners.

6) Put Lights Under the Bed

The master bed in most RVs rises up and offers extra storage space. However, there are no light bulbs under the bed.  When it’s dark outside, installing a light (or a series of LED string lights) will assist you find your way around. Especially if you have a toy hauler and prefer to play with your toys at night. You may also place some wonderful coloured lights under your awning for better nighttime lighting.

7) Creating Counter Space

One of my major complaints about RVs is the lack of counter space in the kitchen. Some fifth wheels feature an island, which provides you additional area to prepare and cook your food, while Class A, B, and C motorhomes have very little  space. That is why counter extensions are such a good investment.

8) Embrace LED

LED light bulbs use up to 90% less energy than incandescent lights and have a lifespan of up to 22 years. They’re also environmentally friendly, 100 percent recyclable, dimmable, and emit less infrared light.

9) Increase The Size Of Your Inverter

This, like the solar panels, is a must-have for individuals who enjoy boondocking or dry camping. The benefit of increasing the capacity of the RV travel trailer inverter can be enjoyed in the form of more power for longer periods of time.

10) Install Towel Racks

Aside from the problem in the kitchen counter, RV builders never seem to install enough towel hooks in the bathroom! Towel holders are really simple to install and quite inexpensive. Some towel racks are just hung on the door!

11) A Pull-out Garbage Can

Finding a suitable location for your garbage can in your RV may be a real pain. This over-the-counter tweak, on the other hand, is simple to install and will come in useful whether you’re on or off the road!

These RV renovations can assist you with everything from increased storage space to building a solar-powered rig suited for the outdoors. Some are quick and simple, while others demand some perseverance.

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